Mid-winter SALE: The waterproof Yrsa and smooth-riding Aesir are both discounted up to $400 off.

The waterproof commuter.

Go ahead. Get it wet.

The sporty, luxury commuter.

A more comfortable, longer-range ride.

The high-performance, fully-loaded, comfortable ride.

Conquer any terrain in style.

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Don't Fear the Rain

IP68 rating on battery and controller, IP55 rating on the motor and brakes. Go ahead and get it wet.

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Comfortable Commuter

Dual motors, hydraulic brakes, über-smooth suspension and massive range. Upscale your daily ride.



Powerful acceleration and torque, self-healing 11″ tires and components usually found on scooters costing twice as much.

Superior ride quality
Incredible customer service
Canada's best warranty

Hill-Climbing Power

Powerful dual motor drive on most models.

Super-Smooth Suspension

Front and rear suspension provides comfort to urban and off-road rides.

Waterproof Scooters

IP68 watertight rating for life in the Pacific Northwest.

Superior Ergonomics

Adjustable handlebar height and other luxuries come standard.

Why Get a Vig?

Old-Fashioned Customer Service

We’re small enough to care deeply about our customers. and experienced enough to be able to make good on the promise.

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Unique Products

Our scooters have the right mix of features that provide superior ride quality and lots of little comforts. We don’t sell just any e-scooter…we’re very picky about what we put our name on. We only sell what we personally ride.

2+Life Limited Warranty

We’re confident in the quality of our products. We cover parts and labour for 2 years (except for the battery, motors and charger, which are covered for one year). Plus, 25% off all parts* for as long as you own your scooter. Learn more

* parts covered by warranty, excluding batteries

30-day Satisfaction Guarantee

Canada-Based Service & Support

Virtual Tour and Consultations

North America-Wide Service Technician Network

Free Shipping

Our Story

Conquer any terrain, in style.


Dual 1,500W motors and an enormous battery: 70km range, 85km/h top speed and powerful torque. Incredible off-road and urban handling, and several luxury features. You won’t find all this in any other scooter for the same price.

Something in the (West Coast) air?

The scooter is awesome, but especially charmed by the customer service. SO nice to deal with an "English as a first language" person who actually knows what they’re talking about and genuinely wants to help and go above and beyond. Must be something in the air on the west coast! ;)
Winnipeg, MB

Climbs Hills Like Nothing

This Aesir scooter is super awesome. Where I live there are quite some hills to climb, compared to my old scooter, the Aesir climbs these hills like it’s nothing. And the acceleration is as smooth as butter. I don’t know if there is anything I don’t like about this! The cherry on top of the cake is the Vig customer service. I mean nowadays when you buy something, you are not just buying the product, but also their service, and their customer service is off the chat. The CP value of the scooter and the experience of the whole purchasing process are just simply great. Highly recommended.
Alex C
Vancouver, BC

Cadillac or Ferrari?

Holy crap this thing is a blast. Feels like a cadillac, bordering on Rolls Royce…but then it also performs like a Fararri! Love it, thx
Victoria, BC

Smooth, powerful, instills confidence

Coming from an Apollo Ghost this Blade Pro is so smooth, powerful and a pleaser to attack the local trails. Equipped with the tubeless self healing offroad tires the Blade Pro instills confidence when riding over rocky and bramble strewn paths. Only thing I'm adding is more lights as the Blade Pro will outrun the stock light! Vig was a pleasure to deal with and follow up after purchase is commendable.
George Siu
Campbell River, BC

Love It!

Amazing, I love it. It's perfect for me. Not too heavy, just enough power, love having no maintenance to do. The fact it's also waterproof is a big bonus too...LOVE IT!!
Danica McConnell
Nanaimo, BC

Ubiquitous Transport

Got it to go to work and back, but I now ride it pretty much everywhere...groceries, visits, soccer practice...I’d ride it to walk the dog if I could (I don’t!!) Decided to sell the second car!
Calgary, AB

Super Impressed

I am super impressed by my new Blade scooter from Vig and the customer support was first class. From my first questions I asked they have been helpful right through to each detail of my scooters 1600 mile journey to my home In Arizona. These folks at Vig are knowledgeable and I can truly recommend them for your needs.
David Viator
Chandler, AZ

And What a Ride It Is!

I did the mistake of ordering from a Chinese distributor! Waited 120 days and never got the scooter... lost my summer! With VIG 7 days and I had the scooter home... and riding it! And what a ride it is! lots of power... everything is nice! Just have to adjust the suspension to my liking! Thanks again VIG!
Jocelyn Richer
Mercier, QC

Very Impressed

I love this scooter! I work at a bakery, and my shifts start at 3 am. This scooter allows me to get there and back safely, even in the rain, which I absolutely love! Some of my fellow employees have electric scooters that they need to charge during their shift in order to get back home, but for me the battery lasts long enough to get there and back twice. Needless to say I'm very impressed!
Mena Kaiser
Saanich, BC

Eats Hills for Breakfast

I have to admit, I’m a big guy (pushing 240lbs) so I was skeptical of being able to go up all the big hills we have around here. The Aesir eats them for breakfast. Cheers mate
Doug R.
Vancouver, BC


Great battery life, great brakes, great ride, so much nicer than the Apollo ghost.
Seattle, WA

Making e-scooters mainstream

I think you have a winner here. This is the kind of product that will make e-scooters legit mainstream. Thanks so much for all your help.
Daniel Walker
North York, ON

We know buying an electric scooter can be confusing.

Where to begin? What features to look for? Who to buy from? What about after-sales service and support?

Answers to all your questions are a chat away (look for the chat icon in the bottom right corner).

More FAQs

Why should I buy from you?

There are several reasons why you should consider doing business with us. There are many retailers and re-branders to choose from. Like everyone else, we buy from Chinese factories, but rather than sell many different models we scrutinized what’s available and chose specific models with the right mix of features and exceptional build quality, repairability and design. We inspect and test every scooter before it’s shipped. We maintain an intimate knowledge of the assembly of our scooters and stock parts to minimize any downtime.

Because we’ve decided to sell online only, the lack of a physical location means low overhead (no lease, property insurance, utilities, property taxes, etc.), which means we can provide greater bang-for-the-buck to our customers.

Perhaps most importantly, one of the motivating factors behind getting into this business was to offer the kind of fantastic service and support that we’ve found is absent with most e-scooter sales.

Still not convinced? Here’s more.

Will I be able to get my Vig repaired if needed?

Yes. We have partnered with several independent service technicians across North America where you can take your Vig for repairs, upgrades and warranty work. 

If you want to do the repairs or upgrades yourself, we stock most parts (if your Vig is still under warranty the parts and shipping covered by us). Alternatively, if you still have the original packaging you can ship the unit back to us and we’ll do the repairs (if under warranty, we cover the shipping cost).

Can I try it out before purchasing?

There are a couple options. If you’re in the greater Victoria BC area, just contact us and we’ll either bring it to you or arrange a test ride at a convenient location. You can also keep it for up to a week with our demo program.

If you’re in Vancouver BC, we can arrange for a test ride at one of our partners.

For everyone else, book a virtual tour, where we’ll show you the product up close and answer all your questions in a one-on-one Zoom meeting.

I’m in the US. Will my order be subject to duties and tariffs when it crosses the border?

No, we cover all customs and brokerage fees, duties, tariffs and handling charges on scooters, parts and accessories. We also don’t charge taxes or shipping on your scooter purchase, so our US friends can buy with ease, and get world-class, friendly customer service as well, eh?