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Announcing the Improved Vig Warranty

February 13, 2023
Filed in: Announcements
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When we first developed the Vig warranty, we wanted to improve on the lacklustre warranty offered by the manufacturer. This was not only to differentiate us from our competitors (who, by-and-large, simply pass on what the manufacturer provides) but also because we wanted to be known as a much more service-oriented business than most scooter retailers. To that end, we took the basic one-year warranty that covered the handful of components, but added benefits for a second year—a discount off the repair labour if the customer needed repairs in year two because of a manufacturing defect (but again only certain parts covered) and a hefty discount off any warranty-covered parts needed in year two (parts could be acquired at cost). To sweeten the deal, we also extended the parts discount indefinitely past year two, albeit with a 25% discount.

This was great, and when we compared every other published warranty among every other Canadian retailer, confirmed that what we were offering was the best in Canada.

But there were a couple problems with our “Warranty 1.0”. First, it was WAY too complicated. It was technically a one-year warranty but was better than other one-year warranties…and required a whole bunch of explanation that left most customers asking “wait…what? Can you explain that again?”. Year one was different than year two, which was different than years 3+, and different in several ways.

And at the end of the day, it only technically covered certain components chosen by the manufacturer, even though we’ve always generally covered everything anyway (if a customer reported that that something broke in the first year that really shouldn’t have, we always replaced it) but our official policy didn’t give us credit for that.

The New Simplified Vig Warranty

So, effective immediately, all scooters will be sold under the new Vig “2+Life” warranty, which is a lot simpler. It’s built around 3 principles:

  1. It’s all-inclusive, with end-to-end coverage. Rather than just covering certain components as is the industry norm, the entire scooter is covered (except for things that get worn just be riding: tires, innertubes, brake pads).
  2. It’s a 2-year warranty. After the first year, the following components are covered for an additional year: controller, throttle and display, Frame, stem, electrical wiring and components.
  3. It still provides lifetime discounts. After year two, all customers can purchase ANY part at a 25% discount (but again, consumables like tires, batteries and brake pads are excluded).

So here’s to simplicity.

Announcing the Improved Vig Warranty, simple very simple