Mid-winter SALE: The waterproof Yrsa and smooth-riding Aesir are both discounted up to $400 off.

The waterproof commuter.

Go ahead. Get it wet.

The sporty, luxury commuter.

A more comfortable, longer-range ride.

The high-performance, fully-loaded, comfortable ride.

Conquer any terrain in style.

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Category: Announcements

Announcing the Improved Vig Warranty

February 13, 2023
When we first developed the Vig warranty, we wanted to improve on the lacklustre warranty offered by the manufacturer. This was not only to differentiate us from our competitors (who, by-and-large, simply pass on what the manufacturer provides) but also because we wanted to be known as a much more service-oriented business than most scooter…

Vig Scooters Win Two “Best of 2022” Awards

December 26, 2022
Our friend, photographer extraordinaire and all-around great guy Tim West, who operates one of the more popular electric scooter and electric bike review YouTube channels "Tim's Electric", has just released his "Best of 2022" video. We were delighted (and a bit surprised given the incredible competition in 2022 from far more established players) to have…
Styling man with beard posing with his Vig Yrsa electric scooter in Vancouver.

Introducing the Vig Demo Program

December 14, 2022
Vig is headquartered in beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada (specifically a neighbourhood called Oak Bay) and residents of the city will often see Vig scooters riding around on the many bike paths here and the fantastic intra-neighbourhood trails (like the "Galloping Goose"). The greater Victoria region is such a great place for scooter riding given the…

Yrsa is Here and it’s Ready to Get Wet

November 14, 2022
One of the prime tenets of riding electric scooters is "don't ride in the rain". Water and electricity don't mix. Most scooters have an IP54 environmental rating against water ingress, which translates to "don't get it wet". Our advice to our customers has always been "If you happen to get caught in the rain you'll…

Charge Your Scooter 70% Faster and Prolong Battery Life with the New Variable Fast Charger

November 1, 2022
We are now offering these really cool variable fast chargers. When you need to charge fast, you can reduce charging time by 60% – 70% by choosing an output current on the the dial to choose how fast you want to charge, from 2A (same as the standard charger that comes with the scooter) to…

Last 2 Blade Pros in Stock Until February 2023

October 26, 2022
Our first batch of Blade Pros is almost depleted—we have only 2 left in stock currently. This was a lot faster than expected—our next order is not due to arrive until February. If you've been interested in this luxurious city ride and trail-conquering machine and don't want to wait until next year, right now would…

Welcome to Vig

September 19, 2022
Well, we did it! Back in the spring, we set a goal to launch our website (and officially open for business) before the end of the summer. Today we finally launched—and for 2 more days it is technically summer! It's been one heck of a journey so far, and I'd love to say it's been…