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The waterproof commuter.

Go ahead. Get it wet.

The sporty, luxury commuter.

A more comfortable, longer-range ride.

The high-performance, fully-loaded, comfortable ride.

Conquer any terrain in style.

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Category: Pre-purchase

What’s the Difference Between the Vig Blade Pro and the Teverun Blade GT+?

December 27, 2022
The Vig Blade Pro looks almost identical to the Teverun Blade GT+, which is sold by some Canadian and US retailers (for example: superscoots.ca, Speedway Riders NYC, Rydology, Scooter House) as well as a handful of China-based online-only retailers (and of course like most scooters, can also be found on Alibaba). We are often asked…
Styling man with beard posing with his Vig Yrsa electric scooter in Vancouver.

Introducing the Vig Demo Program

December 14, 2022
Vig is headquartered in beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada (specifically a neighbourhood called Oak Bay) and residents of the city will often see Vig scooters riding around on the many bike paths here and the fantastic intra-neighbourhood trails (like the "Galloping Goose"). The greater Victoria region is such a great place for scooter riding given the…