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Frequently-asked Questions

Are electric scooters legal?

Each city in Canada and the US has a different policy, and some have no documented policy yet. As a mode of transportation, electric scooters are amazing but relatively new. We can’t guarantee that PEVs (personal electric vehicles) like e-scooters will be legal to ride in your city, so please check your local regulations.

Most cities, like Victoria, BC have policies where electric scooters can be ridden in bike lanes and on the shoulder of the road. Speed limits vary but generally cities expect you to ride at or below 25km/h.

Privately-owned PEVs (those that are not part of a dockless ride-share program), are a great (and very fun) way of getting around a city. Vig is passionate about the green transportation so we kindly ask that all our customers ride with respect for pedestrians, bike riders, other e-scooter riders and cars.

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