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Frequently-asked Questions

Are Vig electric scooters safe to ride?

The safety of any electric scooter depends on its components (especially the battery) and the rider. Lack of knowledge, improper use, and accidents caused by other vehicles and pedestrians can make riding any electric scooter potentially dangerous. That said, they are not considered any more dangerous than bikes (but can be!), and some studies have found e-scooters to be much safer than bikes.

Read the manual before use and start slowly if you’re new to e-scooters. Always wear a helmet (we recommend knee/elbow pads, gloves and wrist guards). Don’t ride foolishly and always pay attention to your surroundings and other vehicles. Although our scooters will reach a top speed in excess of 40km/h, we don’t recommend riding that fast unless you’re experienced and fully geared-up.

Vig electric scooters are rated and designed for single-person riding only. You should take proper safety precautions, including learning how to start/stop/turn and use the features of the scooter and wearing appropriate safety gear. You should also only ride when you are fully alert (not mentally exhausted or intoxicated in any way).

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