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Frequently-asked Questions

Can I lock up an electric scooter?

Yes, and you should if you are leaving it somewhere outside. It will likely get stolen unless you take steps to prevent it. We recommend a good chain lock like the the Kryponite Evolution 4 which would require an angle grinder and 15 minutes of loud cutting to get through. We also sell disc brake locks which sound a 110dB alarm if the wheels are rotated as a second level of security if you’re going to leave it downtown in a semi-visible location for over an hour.

Like e-bikes, you can’t PREVENT your electric scooter from getting stolen—if someone really wants it and is given the opportunity to steal it, they will. All you can do is try to slow them down and reduce the opportunities. Our recommended strategy:

1) always leave it in a highly-visible location with lots of witnesses passing by.

2) Use a good lock that cannot be cut by bolt cutters (i.e. never use a cable lock).

3) Use multiple locks that each contribute to slowing down a thief. Ideally you want to force a decision in their head to bypass your scooter and instead opt for someone else’s.

Here’s a great video on the subject by our friend Tim West of YouTube channel Tim’s Electric.

Apple AirTag Can Help Locate and Retrieve a Stolen E-Scooter

Another effective security measure is to consider what happens if your electric scooter is stolen despite your best attempts to prevent it. Apple AirTags can be an effective method of locating lost and stolen items, no matter where they are in the world. We’ll hide an AirTag in your Vig electric scooter if you purchase one with your scooter.

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