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Frequently-asked Questions

Can Yrsa really be ridden in the rain?

Yes! We rode our demos for months in Victoria’s winter and spring (and unseasonably wet summer of 2022) and as of fall (in which the rains have returned yet again) we are still riding it with no issues. While we usually tell e-scooter owners to not ride in the rain, and most manufacturers will NOT cover any damage due to water ingress under warranty, Yrsa is different. Thanks to it’s clever sealed battery design which gives the electrical core of the scooter an IP68 rating, coupled with an IP55 rating of the motors and drum brakes, yes you can ride a Yrsa in the rain. The Yrsa warranty covers water damage, so if your Yrsa gets damaged by water, we’ll fix it or replace it for free.

Keep in mind that roads are more slippery when wet, so though you can ride in the rain, you should exercise greater caution, reduce your speed and allow a lot of time for coming to a stop when riding in the rain.

Note that while water is not an issue, the same cannot be said for snow and ice. The concern here is not damage to the scooter but safety—wet roads when the temperature is below 5 degrees can be even more slippery, so we don’t recommend riding when there’s snow or ice on the ground, or it’s cold enough that it could snow.

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