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Frequently-asked Questions

How can I optimize my electric scooter’s battery life?

The battery is the heart of the electric scooter and the single most expensive part. All lithium ion batteries have a limited lifetime, regulated by how many time it has been recharged. Over time it will start to lose potency and ability to hold a charge (you’re probably familiar with this from your mobile phone). Here are some tips to maximize the longevity of your electric scooter battery.

1. Mind the temperature

A battery works best at room temperature, 20°C/68F. Below 0°C/32°F and above 40°C/104°F you’ll see the performance drop significantly, although it’s temporary and doesn’t have much effect on the overall life of the battery.

Don’t charge your scooter immediately after riding it. Let your battery cool down first (about 30 minutes or so) before charging. This will prolong the lifespan.

Never charge it in direct sunlight, as the heat might start a chemical reaction that in the worst-case scenario might cause an explosion.

2. Charge frequently to keep the charge between 40% and 90%.

Never let your battery become fully discharged. Every time a battery gets fully drained it wears out faster than it would otherwise.

Charge it anytime it drops below 50%.

Keeping the battery at 100% charge is also hard on the battery, so unless you plan to ride soon after it’s reached 100% charge, it’s better to disconnect the charger when it’s reached about 80% to 90%.

3. Don’t leave it charging for long periods of time

Leaving the battery charger connected for long periods of time is not recommended. Even though your Vig electric scooter has a cut-off mechanism to stop charging when the battery is full, there is still a chance that the battery might get damaged. More importantly, there’s always a risk that damage to the battery could result in a fire, so never leave your scooter charging while unattended.

4. Store your battery for the winter fully charged

Charge the battery fully for storing for the winter. More winter storage tips here.

5. Use only the Vig charger that is designed for your scooter

You might be tempted to purchase a so-called “fast charger”…don’t. Never ever charge with a different volt or charge capacity than your battery is specified for.

6. Use two chargers for fast charging sparingly

The Vig Blade and Blade Pro have dual charging ports, allowing you to charge it faster by connecting two chargers. While convenient, don’t do this every time. Fast charging with two chargers will impact your battery lifespan, so save it for the times when you really need to charge quickly. You can also fast-charge with the 60V variable fast charger.

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