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Frequently-asked Questions

What is the best size of electric scooter tire?

Generally, the larger the tire, the more comfortable the ride and the more safe the scooter. At Vig, we chose not to offer any scooters with less than 10″ tires.

Smaller 8″ tires are more compact and go around smaller, less powerful and lighter motors, which is why they are generally used on the more portable commuter scooters, where ride quality is not paramount.

Larger wheels carry more momentum, roll smoother, offer greater ground clearance (which prevents the scraping of the underdeck), and are suitable for a more aggressive type of riding (which includes going over street curbs safely). Larger wheels can seamlessly roll over road obstacles due to a large angle of attack, resultantly facilitating a much smoother and more comfortable ride.

Larger tires also mean the scooter can tackle most types of terrain (especially important in Canada!). Most smaller entry-level commuter scooters are suitable only for asphalt or concrete.

Electric scooters with small wheels are less comfortable to ride since smaller wheels tend to dip into potholes and have more intense jumps over bumps, ruining the ride comfort.

Scooters with wider tires like the Blade will have more grip under acceleration and braking, which means less chance of sliding out from underneath you when you’re pushing your scooter to its limits. On top of that, it will give you better stability through corners, which means that you can carry more speed and have an easier time correcting your scooter if you do make a mistake. Generally, wider tires provide a better slip angle which allows for greater cornering forces. Wider tires also offer better traction in wet conditions.

Wider tires affect range since they have a larger contact patch, which means that each revolution carries a bigger load. This also means that as tire width increases, there is increased rolling resistance. Therefore, wider tires require more energy to rotate, thus they sap extra energy from your battery to facilitate motion. This decreases the range as compared to a scooter with slimmer tyres.

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