Mid-winter SALE: The waterproof Yrsa and smooth-riding Aesir are both discounted up to $400 off.

The waterproof commuter.

Go ahead. Get it wet.

The sporty, luxury commuter.

A more comfortable, longer-range ride.

The high-performance, fully-loaded, comfortable ride.

Conquer any terrain in style.

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Frequently-asked Questions

Who are Vig scooters intended for?

Each Vig electric scooter targets different riders, but they all appeal to those who value the overall ride quality. Vig Aesir and Blade scooters are not the lightest or most portable and they’re not the cheapest available. But if you’re ready for an upgrade from a basic scooter with low speed, minimal range, poor hill-climbing ability and no suspension, or you’ve already experienced another mid-range or high-performance scooter but want something with better reliability and features that make your ride feel more luxurious…a Vig may be right for you.

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