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Styling man with beard posing with his Vig Yrsa electric scooter in Vancouver.

Introducing the Vig Demo Program

December 14, 2022
Filed in: Announcements, Pre-purchase
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Vig is headquartered in beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada (specifically a neighbourhood called Oak Bay) and residents of the city will often see Vig scooters riding around on the many bike paths here and the fantastic intra-neighbourhood trails (like the “Galloping Goose“). The greater Victoria region is such a great place for scooter riding given the amazing network of dedicated bike paths and trails, and temperate year-round climate. Although BC boasts the highest per-capita adoption of electric vehicles a lot of people still have gas-powered cars, and Victoria suffers some of the most insane gas prices in North America.

Electric scooters make a lot of sense for anyone with limited space to store a vehicle, a limited budget for transportation or anyone that wants the freedom to get to work or to class without getting stuck in traffic or getting all sweaty. Of course electric scooters are great for those who care about doing their part to combat climate change, and those who are seeking a lot more fun (and a lot less cost) than riding an electric bike.

With that preface out of the way, we really want to announce that it’s even easier to find out if a Vig scooter is right for you if you live in the greater Victoria region. The Vig Demo Program allows our neighbors to borrow a demo unit of a Vig scooter for up to one week at no charge in order to test the real-world performance and how it can improve your daily life. We know that once you experience a Vig you’ll find you won’t want to give it back, so being able to verify the awesomeness in a real-world scenario without pressure is a win-win.

Click here for more information and to learn how it works.