Mid-winter SALE: The waterproof Yrsa and smooth-riding Aesir are both discounted up to $400 off.

The waterproof commuter.

Go ahead. Get it wet.

The sporty, luxury commuter.

A more comfortable, longer-range ride.

The high-performance, fully-loaded, comfortable ride.

Conquer any terrain in style.

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Category: Electric Scooters


November 9, 2022
Overview Yrsa is not just another commuter e-scooter. It's a lightweight, folding, portable scooter with several safety features and a large enough motor to take most people up most hills. However, its big claim to fame is its suitability for riding in the rain and through puddles, thanks to a truly incredible IP68 rating of…

Blade Pro

October 1, 2022
Only (2) remaining until next inventory refresh (late April/early May) Overview The award-winning Blade Pro is notable for three things: high quality components, abundant features, and high price-performance ratio. What you get on a Blade Pro rivals and often exceeds the quality and number of features on other high performance rides like the Kaabo Wolf…


August 17, 2022
Overview The award-winning Aesir is a sporty, luxury commuter with great ergonomics that delivers an extremely comfortable ride. Super-smooth front and rear rubber torsion suspension gobble up the bumps while keeping the weight low. Aesir weighs less than most other scooters in its' class, and outperforms almost every commuter in terms of braking, acceleration, shock…