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Vig Scooters Win Two “Best of 2022” Awards

December 26, 2022
Filed in: Announcements
Read time: 1 minute

Our friend, photographer extraordinaire and all-around great guy Tim West, who operates one of the more popular electric scooter and electric bike review YouTube channels “Tim’s Electric”, has just released his “Best of 2022” video. We were delighted (and a bit surprised given the incredible competition in 2022 from far more established players) to have received not just one, but two awards!

The Vig Aesir was his pick for Best Cruising Scooter of 2022 due to the combination of great range, fantastic ride quality, and ample power for tackling almost any hill. Check out Tim’s original review here.

For Best Dual Motor Scooter of 2022, Tim chose the Vig Blade Pro for it’s winning combination of speed, power, suspension and price. Tim’s original review of the Blade Pro is here.

We’ve renewed our earlier launch promotional coupons for a limited time (they can be found on the video’s YouTube page) so if you are interested in grabbing either of the award-winning “OG” Vig electric scooters, now is a great time.