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Welcome to Vig

September 19, 2022
Filed in: Announcements
Read time: 2 minutes

Well, we did it! Back in the spring, we set a goal to launch our website (and officially open for business) before the end of the summer. Today we finally launched—and for 2 more days it is technically summer!

It’s been one heck of a journey so far, and I’d love to say it’s been easy. Truth is, it’s been difficult—at times very difficult—but still rewarding. There have been obstacles aplenty, and there are still constant reminders that we chose to start this business during a worldwide pandemic (we’re still awaiting a good chunk our initial inventory!) But we haven’t yet encountered anything that has threatened to derail our goals, or that we couldn’t overcome with a bit of ingenuity (and/or money!) And along the way we’ve made some great friends—and when I talk about this journey being rewarding, this is mainly what I mean.

Of course we’ve helped several people already achieve their own goals of cost-effective, environmentally-friendly personal transportation, and that is incredibly awesome, especially considering it’s part of our mission, and why we got into this business in the first place.

We’re excited for the years ahead. Despite how far we’ve come already, we’re just getting started.

A special shout out to the friends who have helped us immensely, including Tim West for the amazing photography, Michael Veronneau the amazing videography, Jessica Young, Dante Evans, Ethan Yao and Mark Elford.