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What’s the Difference Between the Vig Blade Pro and the Teverun Blade GT+?

December 27, 2022
Filed in: Pre-purchase
Read time: 4 minutes

The Vig Blade Pro looks almost identical to the Teverun Blade GT+, which is sold by some Canadian and US retailers (for example: superscoots.ca, Speedway Riders NYC, Rydology, Scooter House) as well as a handful of China-based online-only retailers (and of course like most scooters, can also be found on Alibaba). We are often asked how the Vig Blade Pro differs from the Blade GT+.

The Vig Blade Pro is almost identical to the Teverun Blade GT+, and in fact starts out its life as a plain Blade GT+. We do some minor modifications, and rebrand it, but the real difference is how we support it after the purchase.

Rough Edges Smoothed

We’ve been riding a Blade GT+ since it was first available, and besides falling in love with its ride quality and knowing that this would be the first scooter we would sell under the Vig brand, we’ve also had the chance to learn the weaknesses of the product. Luckily there aren’t many, but the two we noticed were what we changed for the Vig version.

First, the stock NFC keys are very prone to losing their programming very easily. While all NFC keys can occasionally become dead from getting too close to a Qi wireless charger, magnets or anything else with a magnetic field, we found the stock Teverun keys were especially sensitive for some reason. We we made our own. Ours stop working about half as much in our testing.

Second, the documentation that comes with the stock Teverun Blade GT+, including the user manual, assembly instructions and reference material, is awful. It’s obvious the Teverun company is strong in engineering and manufacturing and NOT in the soft skills required to write user documentation. Mind you, it’s no worse than most electric scooter manuals written by Chinese companies for a North American audience…that is to say hilariously bad. We created our own 32-page owner’s manual, written from scratch by native English speakers (us!), with large full-colour photos to replace the original small black and white illustrations. Believe it or not, the Teverun documentation omits a great deal of information about assembly and operation, so not only is ours easier to read, it’s much more complete.

Integrated, High-Mount External Turn Signals

What's the Difference Between the Vig Blade Pro and the Teverun Blade GT+?, new turn signals

Teverun used to sell integrated, high-mount turn signals and running lights with each Blade GT+, but in early 2022 stopped this practise after too many reports of the signals arriving broken or breaking after little use. Both problems were relatively easy to solve but required extra packaging materials and (much) higher quality signal lights, plus additional labour to install them. Teverun elected to simply remove the turn signals, but left the electrical connections open to connect them. So we found a supplier of brighter and more robust motorcycle turn signals and devised a way to ship the scooter with them installed. As of the end of 2022, we’re the only retailer selling a Blade GT+ with the option of pre-installed, external, turn signals and running lights.

Better Support and a Better Warranty

The Teverun Blade GT+ comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. We improve on that with our “1+life” warranty which covers all the standard components in the first year, but in year two also provides a 25% discount on any repairs that may be needed and all warranty-covered parts at cost. After year two, and for the remaining life of the scooter, we provide a 25% discount on all parts covered under warranty.

This is a key reason why we rebrand it as a Vig. The Vig brand is symbolic of exceptional service and support.

As the number one North American distributor of the Blade GT and GT+, we have a direct working relationship with the manufacturer. With a large inventory of parts in stocked in our BC warehouse, a thorough understanding of the inner workings of these products, and a direct line to the manufacturer when required, we have what we need to provide you with the best support. We get what you need, when you need it, without having to wait weeks for a solution.

The Little Things

Then there are the little things that come with a Vig Blade Pro that aren’t usually present with a generic Blade GT+. We replace the stock plastic charge port covers with our premium metal, watertight port covers. We personally test every Blade Pro (and of course if we’re pre-installing turn signals, we’ll be opening up the deck to inspect for any issues within). This includes setting it up, stress testing the motors and brakes and giving it a short 2km ride. No Blade Pro is shipped to a customer without passing our fairly rigorous quality assurance process. We then re-pack the scooter after inflating the tires to 50psi and charging the battery to 90% full. When re-packing, we add extra padding to protect components that are the most vulnerable to damage caused by the package throwing competitions UPS drivers seem so fond of.

This is all time-consuming, but worth it to ensure that the customer’s out-of-the-box experience is exceptional.