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The high-performance, fully-loaded, comfortable ride.

Conquer any terrain in style.

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Why Order From Us?

You’ve got plenty of options for deciding where to buy an electric scooter. Frankly we’re delighted that you’re considering a personal electric vehicle in the first place, and no matter where you buy it, it’s a win for the environment in our eyes (and soon, a win for your wallet, especially if it’s replacing a car or public transport).

All electric scooters have parts that wear over use. And despite being relatively simple electrical/mechanical devices, there are still plenty of opportunities for things to wrong, even with the highest quality products.

For this reason, after-sales service and support should be a prime consideration for any electric scooter purchase, and we highly recommend purchasing only from independent authorized dealers who focus on electric scooters, rather than “big-box” stores or electric bike stores who also sell scooters as a side hustle.

Here’s why you should consider buying from us.

After-Sales Service and Support

You’ve likely heard too many stories of companies dropping the ball, or worse—not even really caring about the customer after the scooter has been sold. We’ve experienced it too. An old-fashioned “customer is king” philosophy is expensive, which is why many companies don’t really prioritize it—it cuts into profit margins.

One of our main motivating factors behind taking our passion and turning it into a business was to prove that it’s not only possible to maintain Apple-like customer service, but that it’s good for business in the long term.

We service all our customers ourselves from our headquarters in Victoria, BC—no semi-fluent overseas-based reps! We are available five days a week in multiple ways (phone, email, chat, Facebook) and we generally reply on weekends also.

Our approach is to treat customers just like we want to be treated as a customer…and we’re very demanding of service excellence.

Service Technician Network

Being available to field customer issues and honouring warranties is only as good as one’s ability to actually rectify the situation in a timely manner. To this end, we have assembled a North America wide network of freelance service technicians who are authorized to perform repairs on Vig products. Each has the skills and equipment to fix your scooter—from replacing innertubes and batteries to bleeding brakes and aligning rotors.

If your service technician doesn’t have the needed parts on hand, we’ll overnight the parts to them to help get your scooter back in your hands as soon as possible.

If you plan to do repairs yourself, we have a large selection of parts in inventory.

Best in Canada 1+Life Warranty

The standard electric scooter warranty is one year on the core components. We go beyond that by providing all parts at cost for the second year of ownership, plus a 25% discount on the labour for any repairs done in year two.

Furthermore, all customers of Vig scooters are entitled to a lifetime 25% discount on all parts (excluding batteries) for their scooter beyond the second year.

Unique Product Line

We’re on our scooters a lot, and because of the cost savings and massive fun quotient, you’ll probably find that you’re taking most trips around the city on your scooter rather than in a car or public transit. We quickly grew tired of the bumpy ride, anemic acceleration and speed and lackluster set of luxury features.

Turns out that many of our friends were in the same boat—attracted by the cheap entry price but quickly yearning for more. For this reason we decided to focus on scooters for those who like to ride and do a lot of riding. Our scooters have the right mix of features that provide superior ride quality.

Vig scooters are not the cheap entry-level scooters, nor are they the most expensive that are available. But they were chosen for a perfect balance of features that together add up to a fantastic ride and ownership experience.

We only sell what we personally ride and what we’ve taken apart and rebuilt.